Their stories. Our inspiration.

What happens when people who share a love for the outdoors get together over a bottle of Dos Primos? Bonds are made. Traditions are honored. Passions are celebrated. Friendships are forged. Pour yourself a glass and sip along as our friends take us on a journey in appreciation of life’s finest adventures.


Josh Wilson

Avid Fly Fisher

During the day, his focus is to empower his community through grassroots efforts. When he’s off the clock, you’ll find Josh by the water, and often in the water, wearing wading boots and casting a line, ready to catch the next adventure.


Courtney Orlando

Hunting Enthusiast

A Grammy award-winning producer, when the volume goes down, Courtney finds his sanctuary in the outdoors. He embraces the beauty … and patience of nature, while respecting the responsibility in his hands.


David Chancellor

Professional Climber

To come across David in the outdoors, you’ll either witness him ascending a giant boulder with his bare hands, or already on the top, celebrating another goal reached. For him, it’s about the process and instinct to take on any sized challenge, head-on.