Award-Winnin’ Tequila

We set out to make fine tequila for all life’s adventures. It starts on a family estate in the heart of tequila country. Add in a little agave and a lot of expertise and you get the smooth sippin’ taste of Dos Primos.


A premium Blanco made with 100% pure agave, estate-grown and hand-cut in the heart of tequila country.

Our smooth sippin’ Blanco blends agave from Los Altos and the valley area of Jalisco to create an undeniably pure, earthy flavor.

Like a summer day at the lake, Dos Primos Blanco reminds you of good times spent with those who know you best. Sip it straight or mix into your favorite cocktail.

COLOR: Crystal clear
AROMA: Earthy and herbal with hints of fresh citrus and wildflower
PALATE: Cooked agave that opens with a bold, herbal flavor and finishes with smooth citrus


A premium Reposado made from the finest ingredients, time-honored experience and just a little patience.

We start with our signature blend of 100% pure agave. Then it rests for a minimum of six months in used bourbon barrels to add a little depth and spice.

With warm notes of vanilla and caramel, Dos Primos Reposado is perfect for sharin’ stories around the campfire. Stands well on its own or adds a fancy touch to a cocktail.

A minimum of 6 months
COLOR: Bright gold
AROMA: Vibrant, earthy aroma softened by hints of oak, smooth vanilla and dried fruit
PALATE: Cooked agave with notes of toasted oak followed by a lingering finish of warm baking spice

Dos Primos Tequila Añejo

A premium Añejo born from patience and time.

No secrets here — just fine tequila and solid oak. We set aside a little of our smooth sippin’ Blanco and rest it over a year in the finest bourbon barrels we can find.

All that time in the barrel adds new and rich flavors that’ll make you want to slow down and savor every sip. Try it neat, on the rocks or however you like it.

A minimum of 13 months
COLOR: Warm amber
AROMA: Notes of decadent caramel, layered with sweet fruit and charred oak
PALATE: Notes of brown spices, dried fruit and caramel, leading to sweet agave finish


Bring it on home.